Digit Bio

My first memories involve music.

My favorite life experiences involve music.

I met most of my friends through music.

As a teen, growing up in England, I started out learning piano and tried to put together a live band. Although I was unsuccessful, I jammed with numerous talented musicians and was hooked on the connection one makes with fellow musicians during live performances and studio recording sessions. There is a magical, almost spiritual bond that cannot be explained, really.

I wrote and recorded my first song at 16 and fumbled my way through the next few years meeting wonderful people, going to funk parties and figuring out my life.

At 23, I moved to Ohio, USA, where I met my funkateers-in-arms Jeff Garshon and Ken Snare.  We formed interCHEMISTRY, a basement production team that released one studio album and produced artists Brooke, Joe Dawg Brother, Taihisha Grant and J's Basement.

We still get together once in a while, but I turned my attention to solo work and mixing and producing for other artists.

I love artists like Prince, The Brand New Heavies, Level 42, Sade, Jamiroquai, Franc Moody and Tom Misch.  I also enjoy most styles of music and I learn every day from whoever I am listening to.